About us

What is the Devon Strategic Partnership (DSP)?

The DSP is a local strategic partnership seeking to resolve strategic issues in partnership across Devon.

Strategic Partnership does not mean working together when that does not add value. It means knowing who is best placed to address an issue and ensuring that their actions are coherent. In that way it will improve outcomes for local people.

How does it work?

Structure of the DSP

The Devon Strategic Partnership is comprised of a Board, which meets 3 times a year, plus twice yearly workshops for a wider audience, as described below.

The following document illustrates the structure and role of the DSP (updated April 2014)

The role of the DSP Board

  • Maximising the opportunity for partners to work together and in a time of declining resources to develop fully the advantages to be gained from joint working and discussion.
  • To consider issues that are raised at DSP workshops and emerge from partners’ work, to facilitate responses in partnership that can achieve better outcomes than partners working individually.
  • Building the vision and driving the ambition for Devon. Clarifying the strategic issues and priorities for Devon and encouraging partners to work in the best way to meet the needs of the people of Devon.
  • Striving for an effective balance between thematic and geographical focus.
  • Focussing on transition management as Devon develops a smaller public sector, and enabling and ensuring delivery of a small range of targeted work streams.
  • Work together effectively and proactively on communication in relation to the big issues and to provide an active voice to promote Devon particularly at regional and national level.
  • Help to shape how strategic partners work together at local level.
  • Horizon scanning.

DSP Board membership (may change by agreement over time)

  • Devon Strategic Partnership Chair (elected from within the group).
  • Devon County Council Leader and CEx.
  • Senior Clinical Commissioning Group representative.
  • Police BCU Commander.
  • A district council leader and CEx representing all district councils.
  • Environment Agency Devon and Cornwall Area Manager.
  • Senior Jobcentre Plus/DWP representative.
  • Voluntary and Community Sector representative.
  • Heart of the South West LEP.
  • Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue.
  • Devon Association of Local Councils.

Relationships with DSP workshops

The workshops are not a formal part of the DSP infrastructure but are recognised as valued contributors to the partnership process.

Workshops will be held twice a year (or as otherwise decided by the DSP Board); invitation will be to a wider partnership.

These workshops will consider the work of the DSP, and emerging issues; recommendations can be made from the workshops to the DSP Board, which they will consider at their next meeting.